I heart…

My blog just reached 50+ followers so I thought I would do a post of a few things I luv.

My beautiful cat, Kira.

Those thoughtful things your Mum does. Luv you Mum xo

Books!!! One can never have too many of these.

Coffee. Can’t start the day without it!

Days filled with sunshine. πŸ™‚

The coast. Born and bred around the East Coast of Aus, I dislike been to far from the ocean. It cheers me up and calms a restless soul.

Home cooking. Food always taste better when it’s made by yourself or a loved one.

The song of birds. It’s very cheerful. Always have time to stop for a few moments and listen to the birds.

And of course, my camera! I have loved getting back into photography. Now that I have been getting out with the camera and have a creative outlet that doesn’t cost a lot, I would be lost without it!

Thankyou to all those who have stopped my my blog for a look, hit like, posted a kind comment or followed. I appreciate it.



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