Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies out there. If you’re on this grand continent of ours I hope you are enjoying the day. If you are off shore I hope you are thinking of home.

And yes, I say Australia Day! It’s NOT nationals day or what ever that idea was!!! I have no problems with people moving to our shores but DO NOT try and change our way of living to suit yourselves!!! You all have your own beliefs, your own traditions and ideals. That’s how it should be and I have every respect for that but DO NOT try and change ours. If you don’t like our way of living that’s your problem and not ours.

We are Australian and proud of it. We have BBQs and wear thongs. We are beach loving folks who love a drink every now and then. (Some a little too often). We go to work sick and use sick days when we want to have fun. We are a nation full of different religions and nationalities. We swear, we turn up the bass and drive inappropriate cars because they look good. We love meat pies, fish & chips and pizza. We are Aussies and we call Australia home. 🙂

Hope everyone has JJJ hottest 100 going. 🙂


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