In all sincerity…

A big shout out to all those families and friends who have recently lost loved ones on Flight 370, the mud slide in Washington State and all the innocent caught up in the middle of war. 

I can only imagine what you must be going through, and imagining is terrible enough. I sincerely hope you find support in those close to  you and in each other. I hope you all find the closure you will undoubtedly be searching for. I hope you recently told your loved ones that you loved them and that you had no regrets. I hope, once the shock settles, you have plenty of fond memories to share. I hope you are all surrounded by those who care and who will help you through this horrible time. 

Too all those lost, may they Rest in Peace.

Too all those people everywhere, on every continent and in every country who selflessly risk their live in the hope of saving another… My sincerest thanks. You are an inspiration and restore peoples faith in humanity. These are the true heroes. Not the person who kicked the winning goal in a grand final.



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