Happy 18th Kira.

This is my girl, Kira. Today is her 18th birthday. (As an Aussie she can now go to the pub for a coldie and drive without supervision.) My parents got her for me when she was 4 1/2 years old. We got her from Animal Aid in Coldstream. The couple that had her before me separated and neither could take her. So, she came home us =D.

My old school bus would drop off over the road from the house and Kira would be waiting for me on the side of the fence that gave her the best view down the road just about every day. She would come out to meet me, walk me up the nature strip and inside. She has gotten me through some of the tougher patches in life. Now if she is outside when I come home, she knows my car and comes to meet me in the driveway. If I take too long she comes and collects me from my car. She loves me for me. Around animals you can be yourself. They don’t judge, they aren’t nasty or rude, they’re just happy you love them in return.

This is Kira and she means the absolute world to me.



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