Walhalla – A gold mining community from the 1860s

Walhalla, a quaint and  picturesque gold mining town from the early 1860s. Located in Victoria, Australia. At it’s peak it was home to 2500 people. These days you can count the total of permanent residents on your fingers and toes. When I was a kid some family used to own one of the B & Bs so we would go there a bit. I absolutely loved it.
You can do tours of the old gold mines and there is still quite a lot of old equipment lying around.
Some of the old school buildings.
The site of Guatta’s wine shop. The shops cellar was dug into the side of the mountain.
What do you do when there is no land to build a fire station on? Build it on a bridge of course.
The old bank vault for The Bank of Victoria. The building was destroyed in a major town fire in 1888.
The old train still operates  to taking people on a round trip between Walhalla and Thompson stations.
Yup… some of these houses have their own little bridges in their driveways.
If you have any interest in historic townships or even just forests and pretty scenery Walhalla is definitely worth a visit. I went with my Mum and we had a great time just wandering around with the cameras.



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