Rook Review: Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier


Title: Son of the Shadows
Series: Book 2 of the Sevenwaters Trilogy
Author: Juliet Marillier
Stars: 5

Blurb: After years of happiness, darkness has fallen upon Ulter. Trouble is brewing and even those in the heart of the forest are not safe.
Of the three children at Sevenwaters, it is not golden haired Niamh nor the young heir Sean, but Liadan, Sean’s twin, with her gift of the Sigh and her mother’s taken for haling, who seems to hold the key.
Liadan’s road will be fortous. She must journey into the shadowy world of the Painted Man and his warriors, and walk a fine line between right and wrong is she it to succeed. But will Liadan risk the safety of her family to be a pawn in Ireland’s future?

Loved it just as much as the first book. The first book is about Sorcha and Hugh. This book is about the next generation of Sevenwaters. Niamh, a happy go lucky girl makes the mistake of bedding of someone she shouldn’t. Without any explanation as to why she is married off o sent away from Sevenwaters. Sean, the heir of Sevenwarters is slowly becoming more invalided in the affairs of the estate in preparation for when he takes over from his Uncle Liam and as Liadan learns about what gifts she has the secrets in the family are creating distrust and disruption to the whole of Sevenwaters. 

Just as gripping as  the first, again I find myself not wanting to go to work. I just want to stay curled in the chair with this wonderful story and be lost in it’s pages. I read a lot of fantasy and without a doubt Juliet Marillier is one of the better authors i’ve had the good fortune to come across. A master of the written word and the portrayal of emotions. 



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