Leibster Award Tag and Nominations

Thankyou to Brittany for the nomination. 🙂 Cheers

Rules for this Reward…

1.)Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.

2.)List 11 facts about yourself.

3.) Answer the 11 questions by the blogger who nominated you.

4.) Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers

5.) Ask them 11 questions

6.)Let them know you nominated them.

11 facts about me…

  1. Youngest of 2 children.
  2. I have a cat named Kira.
  3. I love reading and photography.
  4. I love the smell of rain, fresh cut grass and old books.
  5. I have recently started doing book reviews.
  6. I am born and bred on the East Coast of Australia
  7. I want to travel and buy my own house.
  8. I sing in the car.
  9. I prefer the warmth of summer to the freezing of winter.
  10. I prefer iMac to Windows.
  11. Nature lover.

11 question by the person who nominated me…

1.) Why did you start your blog?

I had been wanting to start a blog for aaaages. But until I got back into photography, I didn’t really have any content to post.

2.) E-reader or print?

Definitely print!

3.) What is your all time favorite book?  why.

Too many to say just 1. I continue to go back to the Obernewtyn (Isobelle Carmody) and Tomorrow (John Marsden) series from my teenage years. If I really had to choose one it would probably be The Lord of the Rings. It’s masterfully written and full of imagination.

4.) What is your favorite stuffed animal? do you still have it.

When I was little I got a stuffed dog off my parents. It was green with pink ears. Very very faded now but yes I still have it. I named this toy Brother.

5.) what is your favorite time of day?

Probably evening. Especially when it’s warm and there is a nice sunset. Preferably when I not driving somewhere so I can watch it.

6.) What is a phrase that will always get a knee jerk reaction out of you?

Can’t think of one.

7.) What fictional character would you like to spend the day with?

I’m currently reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle so I think I will answer with Sherlock Holmes.

8.) What is one of your quirks?

I rock out in the car. I can let go when I in the car by myself. But dont most people?

9.) How do you begin and end your day?

Begin it with coffee! Usually end it with some TV in bed. More often than not I read through all the rubbish that’s on though or at least read on the adds.

10.) As a kid were you ever scared of a monster under the bed or in the closet?

No. but I remember my imagination went wild after reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and I was imagining a basilisk in my room.

11.)Do you prefer straight or bendy straws


My nominations… (in no particular order)

  1. Beck’s Blog
  2. Stehpen Andreu
  3. Denise Worden Photography
  4. Cliff’s View Blog
  5. Garry Harris Images
  6. Naturelands
  7. Joanne Jerrell Designs
  8. Faces and Places and Wide Open Spaces
  9. Happily Skipping Thru Life

11 questions for the 9 blogs I nominated…

  1. How did you come up with the name for your blog?
  2. In which Country / Continent do you call home?
  3. Had blogging changed the perception you have of yourself?
  4. What are your main hobbies / interests?
  5. What is your favourite season?
  6. Do you have 1 particular work (photo, piece of writing or whatever) that you are most proud of? And if so why?
  7. The place you would most like to see in the world?
  8. Given the opportunity, would you turn your hobby into a job? If not, why?
  9. Favourite thing to do to relax?
  10. What get you motivated?
  11. What inspires you?



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