100 years ago today…

100 years ago today Britain declared war on Germany. The war to end all wars. The deadliest war Australia has ever been involved in. Our population was less than 5 million. From the 416809 enlisted men more than 60000 were killed and 156000 were injured, gassed or taken prisoner. The losses Russia suffered were greater than our total population.
Our men enlisted with very little comprehension of what they were signing up for. Little realising how few of them would return home or the hardships they would go through. While the men were away, the women suddenly had to take on roles that were typically male dominated. Crops still had to be harvested, life still had to go on.
May everyone today, give thought to the men that left to fight, the women who stayed home wondering if they would see there loved ones again and suffering of the world.
Regardless of which nation they fought for they were all loved and missed by someone. May they live on in the memories of future generations and may they Rest in Peace.


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