Book Review: Seer of Sevenwarters by Juliet Marillier

Title: Seer of Sevenwarters
Series: Sevenwarters
Author: Juliet Marillier
Stars: 5

Sibeal has always known that she is destined for a spiritual life, and is committed to it with all her heart. Before making her final vows, she travels to the northern island of Inis Eala to spend the summer with her sisters, Muirrim and Clodagh.
But Sibeal has barely set foot on the island when a freak storm out at sea sinks a ship before her eyes. In spite of frantic rescue efforts, only three survivors are fished alive form the water, and one of them, a man Sibeal names Ardal, clings to life by the merest thread.
As Ardal fights for his life, the island community discovers that there is something unusual about the three shipwrecked strangers. The beautiful Svala is mute and disturbed. Stalwart warrior Knut seems ashamed of his grieving wife. and Ardal has a secret he can’t remember… or won’t tell. When the astonishing truth comes out, Sibeal finds herself drawn into a perilous quest. At its end, she will face a decision that may break her heart.

I absolutely loved Daughter of the Forest, the first of the Sevenwarters series. The other ones I really enjoyed but Seer of Sevenwartes, I loved liked the first one. I didn’t want to put it down. Every time I think I’ve got Marilliers books worked out something happens to prove me wrong. She is one of those rare authors that makes you wish you could fall into the book and escape your own day to day existence.

Sibeals capacity for love and compassion, Ardals determination, Ciarans sincerity and the close knit community of everyone on Inis Eala is incredible. Each book tells of another generation of Sevenwartes children seen through the eyes on one particular daughter. The way Marillier intertwines these tales is outstanding. It’s one of those books you wish you could unread so you can read again for the first time.


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