Book Review: Flame of Sevenwarters by Juliet Marillier

flame of sevenwarters
Title: Flame of Sevenwarters
Series: Sevenwarters
Author: Juliet Marillier
Stars: 5

Blurb: Whe Maeve, fourth daugher of Lord Sean of Sevenwarters, is asked to accompany a skittish horse back to her farther’s keep, she agrees – reluctantly.
For it has been many years since she left the place where her hands were crippled by fire – years in which she has nurtured her special talent with animals.
Sevenwarters is also much changed. It is now enslaved by the fey prince Mac Dara, a force of malignant magic who is responsible for a party of travellers disappearing. When Maeve discovers the body of one of the missing men, she and her brother Finbar are lured to the Otherworld on a journey that may save Sevenwarters…
If Maeve is ever to dream of a future, she must confront the darkness of her past.

In my review of Seer of Sevenwarters, I wrote that each book is the tales of a new generation of Sevenwarters children. I was mistaken. This holds true for the first three books, however Heir, Seer and Flame are all daughters of Lord Sean.

Flame of Sevenwarters is the tale of Maeve, Lord Seans fourth daughter. After having suffered horrific and disfiguring burns to her face and hands as a child, Maeve has been living in Harrowfield (England) under the healing hands of her Aunt Liadan and her Uncle Bran and hasn’t returned home for some ten years… Until now. When Bran asks her to accompany a skittish and unstable horse to Sevenwarters.
Once at home, Maeve must face the horror of her past but she also gets to meet Finbar, the little brother she has never seen. Together they are lured into the Otherworld and with the future of Sevenwarters and their lives on the line they must make their own decisions with out anyone to aid them. For better or worse they must face Mac Dara and those who would see their downfall for personal gain.
Will Maeve find the courage she never believed she had? Will Finbar be able to use his talent as Seer to their advantage? It’s well worth the read to find out.

After having started the Sevenwarters series back when I was in High School, as with all fantastic books, I’m devastated that it’s come to an end. Yes, I am one of those people that re-reads books, but it’s never quite the same.


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