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For a couple of years now I have been paying more attention to the the food I purchase and eat. A while ago I was diagnosed with yeast intolerance, my body also doesn’t like a too much wheat and since I did the “I quit sugar” sugar diet, I also have a very low tolerance for sugar.  I have also been tested for diabetes and anaemia. Although both were negative results, if I’m not careful with what I eat, I start to shake, feel weak and light headed and feel like I won’t remain upright for too much longer. The naturopath that diagnosed me with yeast intolerance said to eat more proteins. Red meat, eggs, etc etc etc. If I went more than a day or two without red meat I started to feel weak and rather average. However since I have been trying to eat more health whole foods I find this happening far less frequently. I don’t eat anywhere near as much meat as I used to, and when I do it is mostly chicken.  I didn’t consciously cut back on meat, I just don’t have the appetite for it that I used to.

I have often wondered how vegetarians manage without meat and have always said I couldn’t do it. I enjoy meat way too much. However after reading a book I recently bought; Janella’s Super Natural Foods and an article in The_Brief (edition 31) I have decided to cut back on meat a little more. I am just going to eat a small portion with dinner (not every night) and am going to try to not cook any for breakfast and lunch with the exception of the small amount of bacon in things like potato salad and zucchini bake. It may not sound a lot but I have never believed that the human body was meant to survive on only plant life. It’s just the amount of meat people consume and todays farming practices I have issues with.

This will also make me try other foods I keep seeing recipes for but are yet to try. Things like tofu and tempeh. This season I have also bought some fresh herbs that I have potted up and will hopefully manage to keep alive. Next step is to start playing with spices more and hopefully dry some of my herbs.

Depending on the reception of readers, I will continue to share updates and recipes. I hope to inspire others to make improvements in their life style to become healthier and happier.

Happy Summer or Winter for those on the other side of the globe. xx


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