Book Review: Myrren’s Gift by Fiona McIntosh

Myrren's Gift

Title: Myrren’s Gift
Series: The Quickening
Author: Fiona McIntosh
Stars: 3

Blurb: For centuries, a Thirsk General has fought alongside the King of Morgravia, but none ever swore allegiance to a royal as cruel as Celimus.
When General Wyl Thirsk is forced by Celimus to witness the torture of Myrren’s, a young woman accused of witchcraft, Wyl fears he may become the first of his family to betray the blood oath.
Leading a motley crew of mercenaries, unable to trust anyone, Wyl is sent on a diplomatic mission to neighbouring territory. He finds treachery every step of the way, and begins to wonder if he will return home alive.
But Myrren’s, grateful for his compassion, has given Wyl an extraordinary ‘gift’. Wyl’s life takes an entirely unpredictable turn… he is about to discover The Quickening.

Review: Although I enjoyed Myrren’s Gift and will finish The Quickening series, I don’t think it’s one I will continue to re read. This story follows the life of Wyl Thirsk, who is next in line to become General to the King of Morgravia. But Wyl’s farther Fergys is mortally wounded in battle while Wyl is still too young to claim his position of General. When he is older and can take on the responsibility of commanding the royal army King Magnus passes away, leaving the throne to his cruel and arrogant son Celimus. Since first they met, Wyl and Celimus have been at odds. And now Celimus is King, he cruel ways only get worse.

Myrren’s Gift is well written. There aren’t too so many characters of change of location that the reader loses track of story line. The time line is easy to follow and with McIntoshs gift with words it’s easy to imagine the characters and setting as you read.


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