Happy 19th to my beautiful beastie, Kira

This is Kira. My parents got her for me when I was 12. Kira was a young 4. Now I’m 27 and Kira reached the age of 19 today and is still enjoying an excellent quality of life. She has been my dearest beautiful girl for 15 year, over half my life.
Back when I was in high school she would sit at the fence line of our property waiting for the school bus to come up the hill. Then she would run up to the corner to meet me after I crossed the road and walk me inside. As I got older she would know the sound of which car was mine and it was not unusual to again, be met in the driveway and walked inside. These days she leads a fairly quiet life. She enjoys a cuddle, the warmth of sunshine or the fire in winter and a tin of tuna for dinner.
Words can not describe how much people can love their pets four legged friends. They love you for who you are and ask nothing in return except to be loved back.




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