For quite  while now I’ve been interested in homesteading. Learning how to do more things for myself and as such relying less on corporate companies like supermarkets. I buy most of my meat from my local butchers and a lovely little greengrocer has recently opened up so I no longer have to drive about half an hour to get my fruit and vegetables.

I have been making some of my own cleaning products and been more careful about what I purchase and what I throw away (be it rubbish, recycle or donate to the local opp shops).

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking so cooking more things from scratch was a natural progression. As was starting the kitchen garden, which is made particularly easy because I rent off my parents, I don’t have to worry about end of lease and losing my garden. I live by myself but I cook family size meals quite a lot and freeze in suitable size portions. Handy when you want lazy meals or you’re putting off going shopping. A couple of months ago I bought an electric cooker which I love. Pulled pork was amazing! Last week I also bought a bread maker and made my first loaf in it today. Pretty happy with that. Due to food intolerances in my family, if anyone can suggest recipes that are yeast and / or lactose free that would be greatly appreciated. I’m glad that I can feed myself and those I love healthy and nourishing food. Even better that I enjoy doing it.

Thinking about looking into a worm farm and / or a few chickens in the near future. And I’d like to buy a few things in bulk from my local green grocer and try my hand at preserving.

I also need to get back into my blogging (assuming the mac doesn’t freeze when I upload photos), and photography because I’ve been a recluse over winter. So I’m hoping to make this blog a bit more interesting by adding my homesteading interests with my love of photography and been in my kitchen. Hope a few of you enjoy it.

Happy weekend. Also, thinking of all those who have been affected or are in the deadly path of the destruction of hurricane Matthew.



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