About Me

My name is Emily. I am born and bred on the South East coast of Australia. I love photography, reading, traveling, been in my kitchen and have begun delving into homesteading.
I love the smell of rain, ocean, fresh cut grass, books and of course home cooking / baking. My family, that includes the ones with fur, mean everything to me.
I hope my blog inspires someone or at the very least puts a smile on someones face.
Thanks for stopping by.


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. We loved traveling abroad. We are from the US and went to China the first time back in 2000. We were overwhelmed with the friendliness of the local people – we laughed at each other as we compared our cultural idiosyncrasies!!

    Following your blog now – I enjoy travel photography and have looked through some of your shots – I don’t get to do it enough nowadays but we do get some short trips in!


    1. Couldn’t say no to your travel and photography themes. Glad you find She_Who_Hears interesting. Thankyou
      Emily 🙂


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