Todays shopping…


Todays shopping. Baby spinach, basil, birdseye chilli and various tomatoes. Yesterday I bought some rocket from the supermarket. Only to go out to the garden today and find that my 4 rocket plants are a lot larger than the last time I checked. Note to self: pay more attention to my garden. Could have saved a few dollars, not to mention the packaging it came in. Looking forward to been outdoors next! Get my seedings in and pull some more weeds up.



For quite  while now I’ve been interested in homesteading. Learning how to do more things for myself and as such relying less on corporate companies like supermarkets. I buy most of my meat from my local butchers and a lovely little greengrocer has recently opened up so I no longer have to drive about half an hour to get my fruit and vegetables.

I have been making some of my own cleaning products and been more careful about what I purchase and what I throw away (be it rubbish, recycle or donate to the local opp shops).

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking so cooking more things from scratch was a natural progression. As was starting the kitchen garden, which is made particularly easy because I rent off my parents, I don’t have to worry about end of lease and losing my garden. I live by myself but I cook family size meals quite a lot and freeze in suitable size portions. Handy when you want lazy meals or you’re putting off going shopping. A couple of months ago I bought an electric cooker which I love. Pulled pork was amazing! Last week I also bought a bread maker and made my first loaf in it today. Pretty happy with that. Due to food intolerances in my family, if anyone can suggest recipes that are yeast and / or lactose free that would be greatly appreciated. I’m glad that I can feed myself and those I love healthy and nourishing food. Even better that I enjoy doing it.

Thinking about looking into a worm farm and / or a few chickens in the near future. And I’d like to buy a few things in bulk from my local green grocer and try my hand at preserving.

I also need to get back into my blogging (assuming the mac doesn’t freeze when I upload photos), and photography because I’ve been a recluse over winter. So I’m hoping to make this blog a bit more interesting by adding my homesteading interests with my love of photography and been in my kitchen. Hope a few of you enjoy it.

Happy weekend. Also, thinking of all those who have been affected or are in the deadly path of the destruction of hurricane Matthew.


Happy afternoon in my kitchen

This is the first I’ve posted in a very looooong time. I hadn’t posted for ages because every time I tried to upload photos my computer froze. So thought I’d give it another go today.

Have just spent a happy afternoon in my kitchen. First time I’ve made lemon curd. Successfully lemony and delicious. And a batch of banana and bran muffins. Care to guess what Em is taking to work for lunch tomorrow?

The lemon curd recipe comes from the My Petite Kitchen Cookbook (which I love) by Eleanor Ozich and the muffin recipe comes from Dan Lepards Short & Sweet.

My Weekend Breakfast Wraps

DSC_0352 DSC_0353


2 Mountain bread
Spinach & Rocket leaves
2 eggs, scrambled
Pepper & dried parsley
Splash of milk
1 bacon, or 2 rindless


I double layered 2 mountain bread because they can tear but feel free to use any wrap of your choice. On your wrap add a generous handful of spinach & rocket leaves.
Crack 2 eggs into a bowl adding pepper & parsley to taste then a splash of milk before whisking. Cut bacon into 2 or 3 pieces. Slice preferred amount of onion & about 3 think slices of tomato.
Heat the egg pan on a medium heat with a little oil and the bacon pan to about 3/4 heat. Add egg to the pan, mixing as it cooks. Add bacon to the other pan first, then lightly spray onion with oil before adding it in with the bacon.
Lightly spray the slices of tomato with oil and grind some pepper onto each. When the eggs are nearly done, turn the bacon & onion before moving the eggs to one side of the pan. Put the tomato slices in with the egg, oil side down, just to heat through. If you want to spray & pepper the other side of the tomato before turning over.
Now just add the bacon & onion on top of the spinach, then the eggs and tomato slice.

Consume with care.

At the start of Summer I wrote a post about only eating meat once day. How ever that self imposed restriction wasn’t really working for me. So I have changed tact. Instead of restricting myself, I’m going to be more aware of what food I am buying and where it has come from. I found this website to be a wealth of information for anyone in Australia.

2015 Goals

So, somewhat belatedly, I have thought of some goals for 2015. In no particular order they are…

  • Get my passport.
  • Visit 2 places in Victoria that I either haven’t seen before or went when I was very young. Eg: Warburton. Thanks Leanne Cole for that idea.
  • Visit one place that I would catch a flight to. Eg: Tasmania, New Zealand or Norfolk Island.
  • Cross off another author that is on my bucket list. These are Charles Dickens, Bryce Courtenay and Robin Hobb.

That will do for now. Hope everyone has had a great start to 2015!