Monochrome Madness: Week 51



Coastal Wanderings. pt 1


Took the camera to the beach today before going for a run. 
Love this shot. Not sure about the reflection on the water or if that just adds to the effect. 

There were lots of people out enjoying the warm if overcast day.
This little girl was having a ball chasing the seagulls. Wasn’t overly happy with how the shot came out but it’s nice in monochrome. Shame about the sign post.
Was very overcast but but as I was hoping to get some darker moodier photos I was happy.

Monochrome Madness: Week 50


I have posted this image on my blog before and thought I would send it to for week 50 of Monochrome Madness. If only the seagull was above the horizon. But as this image was a happy accident, it’s not too bad.

Happy weekend all.