House Guest

This little cutie has been hanging about my kitchen windows. I believe it’s  a South Eastern  Striated Pardalote. And I’m assuming male due to the bright colours.



Happy afternoon in my kitchen

This is the first I’ve posted in a very looooong time. I hadn’t posted for ages because every time I tried to upload photos my computer froze. So thought I’d give it another go today.

Have just spent a happy afternoon in my kitchen. First time I’ve made lemon curd. Successfully lemony and delicious. And a batch of banana and bran muffins. Care to guess what Em is taking to work for lunch tomorrow?

The lemon curd recipe comes from the My Petite Kitchen Cookbook (which I love) by Eleanor Ozich and the muffin recipe comes from Dan Lepards Short & Sweet.

A Sunday Morning Stroll

An over cast Sunday Spring morning. Thought I’d take the camera up to the park. Turns out this park is called Phillips Garden and there were loads of beautifully coloured roses. 
Lots of bees out collecting pollen. 
These street lamps are everywhere in Maryborough (Victoria), and they always make me think of Narnia.
This Nana brought her twin grandchildren out to feed the ducks some breadcrumbs. Needless to say, both children and ducks had a blast. 
This gorgeous duck had something stuck in it’s feathers. When I was taking photos, I was hoping it was just a leaf. But when I got home and zoomed in on a photo it looks suspiciously synthetic. Hope the duck is ok!

My Weekend Breakfast Wraps

DSC_0352 DSC_0353


2 Mountain bread
Spinach & Rocket leaves
2 eggs, scrambled
Pepper & dried parsley
Splash of milk
1 bacon, or 2 rindless


I double layered 2 mountain bread because they can tear but feel free to use any wrap of your choice. On your wrap add a generous handful of spinach & rocket leaves.
Crack 2 eggs into a bowl adding pepper & parsley to taste then a splash of milk before whisking. Cut bacon into 2 or 3 pieces. Slice preferred amount of onion & about 3 think slices of tomato.
Heat the egg pan on a medium heat with a little oil and the bacon pan to about 3/4 heat. Add egg to the pan, mixing as it cooks. Add bacon to the other pan first, then lightly spray onion with oil before adding it in with the bacon.
Lightly spray the slices of tomato with oil and grind some pepper onto each. When the eggs are nearly done, turn the bacon & onion before moving the eggs to one side of the pan. Put the tomato slices in with the egg, oil side down, just to heat through. If you want to spray & pepper the other side of the tomato before turning over.
Now just add the bacon & onion on top of the spinach, then the eggs and tomato slice.

A belated post of my Saturday exploring. Daylesford in Country Victoria.

Went to Daylesford (Vic, Australia) with the camera and hiking shoes on Saturday. Checked the camera battery before going and it was apparently full. Get to Daylesford and it was at 2/3 full. But lucky it happened on a day where the wind was giving me ear aches, so I wasn’t going too far from the car anyway.
A very cheerful and quaint looking residence.
Relaxation and grooming time.
When they thought I may have some food for them. (Because another guy had just fed them)
When they realised I didn’t have anything for them.

After my wander with the camera, I went and checked out the book store. Perfect shop for a rainy day! And I can now recommend the pastry king bakery for a good cup of coffee.


This the one of the canola fields in Moolort. As you drive through it looks like they just grow fields of sunshine.