Homemade & Home baked.

I have tried a couple of times to make peanut butter in different blenders. I wasn’t impressed with either. Yesterday, I tried in the food processor with much better results. Will keep making my own peanut butter now. 🙂


I also attempted bread rolls for the first time yesterday. Very happy. Bought a bread maker last year and I absolutely love it.



Happy afternoon in my kitchen

This is the first I’ve posted in a very looooong time. I hadn’t posted for ages because every time I tried to upload photos my computer froze. So thought I’d give it another go today.

Have just spent a happy afternoon in my kitchen. First time I’ve made lemon curd. Successfully lemony and delicious. And a batch of banana and bran muffins. Care to guess what Em is taking to work for lunch tomorrow?

The lemon curd recipe comes from the My Petite Kitchen Cookbook (which I love) by Eleanor Ozich and the muffin recipe comes from Dan Lepards Short & Sweet.